Playoff Confidence Pool

Everyone assigns a unique confidence rank 12 to 1 to each of the NFL Playoff teams at the beginning of the playoffs and scores points based on Playoff wins and the confidence assigned to each winning team. Top 5 overall scores win prizes.

Regular Season Pool

Pick the winners of all the games straight-up each week during the NFL regular season. The Top 3 pickers each week win prizes for that week. The next 5 ranks get a second chance in a Playoff Squares Matrix. Top 5 overall season pickers also win prizes.

Playoff Squares Matrix

The 5 places just out of the $ (#4-#8) each week and the 5 end of season places just out of the $ (#6-#10), along with 10 low $ winners win a Playoff Square. These 100 squares have several chances every day of the NFL Playoffs to win in a 100 Square Playoff Matrix.

Playoff Spread Pool

All players pick playoff winners against the spread along with over/under line as a tie breaker for all playoff games during each playoff week. Super Bowl total points is used as an additional tie breaker. Top 5 overall scores win prizes.

Survivor Pool

All players select one team they think will win each week. Once a team is selected, it cannot be selected again. If the team selected loses, a “strike” is counted against the player. 3 strikes and the player is eliminated. Tie breaker based on spread to encourage gutsier picks.

Playoff Head-to-Head Pool

The Top 48 players qualify for the Pool Playoffs in 3 separate 16 player single elimination head-to-head brackets. Pick the winners of each Playoff game against the spread along with over/under line. Beat your opponent to move on to the next round. 3 prizes awarded in each of the 3 pool brackets

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