Tournament Bracket Pool

This is a highly configurable March Madness tournament bracket pool where a League Administrator can control the points awarded for a correct pick, the round weights and multiple entry submissions. The tournament can be scored simply or the seed weights of each matchup can be taken into consideration with various options to reward players who choose upset picks correctly. Options abound and no other pool out there gives League Administrators the flexibility to adjust the settings to fit their needs.

Final 4 Squares Matrix

This pool can be set up by the League Administrator that is tied to the interim results of the Tournament Bracket pool to add additional interest and excitement along with rewarding players as the tournament progresses. Through the first 4 rounds of the tournament, the top players in each round are awarded one of 100 "Final 4 Squares" in a 10x10 squares matrix. Each square's coordinates (0-9 along each axis) represents the last digit of the score between the Final 4 teams as they play during the Final 4 weekend. Prizes are awarded based on the score at halftime and the final score of the Final 4 and Championship games.

Survivor Pool

This is another optional unique pool to Pick'em Plus that follows along the traditional survivor and eliminator pools but gathers all of the picks at the outset of the tournament so players will not have to login after each round to make additional picks. Players pick unique teams to survive the various rounds throughout the tournament ahead of time and stay alive as long as their picks continue to survive each round. A League Administrator can set the number of picks to choose each round as well as the number of strikes a player can get before they are ousted from the pool. Tie breaker is based on cumulative seed at the point the player is eliminated to encourage gutsier picks.

Seed Confidence Pool

Another optional pool in which players rank the 4 teams that have the same seed on their confidence to win games as the tournament progresses. A League Administrator can set the base points awarded to a #1 seed and the incremental number of points each lower seed receives along with the relative weight a higher confidence ranked team receives if they win.Players accrue points during the tournament based on the team winning and the confidence weight associated with each win through all rounds of the tournament.

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