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Go beyond picking by playing in a unique integrated collection of pools that are highly configurable by a League Administrator to score points in unique ways and keep player interest alive throughout tournaments and seasons like no other pool out there!

  • NCAA March Madness

    NCAA March Madness

    2016 March Madness is here! Set up your league and invite your friends to come play in tournament pools like no other out there on the web!

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Unique and highly customizable

  • Pick'em Plus offers a unique one-of-a-kind experience like no other on the web.
  • Our pools are designed from the ground up and offer excitement and involve player interest throughout the entire duration of the tournaments or seasons that the pool is a part of.
  • League Administrators have full flexibility to customize the way the pools operate and can fine-tune scoring options to best suit their needs.
  • Powerful integration with score feeds to deliver near-real-time results and updated scoring and player rankings as the games complete.

NCAA Tournament Pools

Pick'em Plus is offers a unique collection of NCAA Basketball tournament pools!

  • We are the only offering available that can run Mens and Womens Division I, II and III tournament games.
  • Bracket Pools - Dynamic scoring options that can be set up simply or involve seed options to reward upset picks
  • Final 4 Squares - Reward players with bonus chances to win during the first rounds of the tournament and collect prizes during the Final 4 games
  • Survivor Pool - Pick unique teams to survive at the outset of the tournament with many options available
  • Seed Confidence Pool - Rank the 4 teams within each seed on their confidence to survive and win throughout the tournament

NFL Season & Playoff Pools

Lots of options available during the regular NFL season and playoffs!

  • Regular Season Pick'em - Pick the winners each week to score points. Options to score picks straight-up, against-the-spread or a unique underdog bonus scoring structure.
  • Playoff Squares - Earn squares throughout the regular NFL season and cash in on prizes during the playoffs and Super Bowl.
  • Survivor Pool - Pick a unique team to win each week and keep going until your pick loses.
  • Playoff Spread Pool - Continue picking into the post season with weekly playoff picks.
  • Playoff Head-to-Head Pool - Compete against another player based on final regular season standings in 16 team tournament-style elimination brackets.
  • Playoff Confidence Pool - Rank the playoff teams on confidence of going far in the Playoffs. Score points based on confidence and team wins!

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